Well I’ve been spending the day squealing over my pair of 18th century shoes which I am going to where with the Liana Dress. I am so so so so happy with them and I’m really excited about getting the dress finished so I can wear these shoes out!

I bought them and the other accessories from American Duchess. If you’ve been reading all of my little text posts, you may know that I have been looking at the website for a while and waiting for the day I could get my hands on a pair of 18th century shoes and that day finally came!!

The buckles aren’t yet attached because we haven’t the tools to punch holes in the shoes and I don’t want to damage the shoes by using a different tool. So we’re going to take them to a friend of my mother’s who is a shoe mender and is probably better at doing this task. I also took some more photos which showed myself wearing the shoes and stockings more clearly but I didn’t feel comfortable with posting pictures of my legs on tumblr.

I’ve been wearing the stockings like all day too, they go quite nicely with shorts :P Although since my legs are a little curvy the tops are a little tight but not to the point of it being uncomfortable, the tops just roll down a little bit which is a little bit irritating but I’ve been planning on losing a little bit of weight so if I do it would probably get rid of this problem. But at the same time it doesn’t really matter because in the eventual pictures of the completed costume, you won’t see the tops of the stockings.